Oral Hygiene Approach

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Children’s Oral Hygiene

The oral hygiene instructions for children include information for parent and child. The information is tailored to the child’s age, health, level of understanding. The younger the child, the more information the parent needs to have in order to be able to encourage and support healthy oral hygiene habits into the future. The information and instructions for the child are provided with the understanding that often children respond (“listen and hear”) better with a third person (like a teacher, dentist or physician) than the parent. We aim to provide the info that the parent needs to just remind and reinforce at home. (“remember what the dentist said?”).

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Adult’s Oral Hygiene

The oral hygiene instructions in our office are part of our preventative program (check-ups and cleanings). Our goal is to:

  • Personalize the instructions to your specific needs. Inform and instruct you about specific pockets, recession areas, hard-to-reach surfaces that need extra attention, reassessment and update of improvement or worsening, etc.
  • There is an overwhelming variety of accessories for oral hygiene available over the counter. We consider it our responsibility to simplify the information and recommend to you the products that would benefit you most. Our office does not sell dental products of any kind (toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, etc.), and we remain unbiased with respect to various brands. The products that we recommend are based on the Canadian Dental Association’s feedback, clinical observation, and our understanding of the rapidly changing market. Also, while many products are aggressively advertised, basic information, techniques, and a description of pros and cons are left out. We fill in the gap with accurate clinical information as it applies to your life.

Oral care instructions are offered for your information. We do NOT lecture or encourage guilt. We are a team of dental professionals, not motivational speakers.

We acknowledge that, in the end, it comes down to your interest, time, awareness,finances and the value you place on health.

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